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After the fall of the Aztec Empire the Spanish conquerors took their troops to the north of Mexico to conquer the nomadic tribes which were rich in minerals and metals where they settled new colonies to maximize the production of minerals and metals. This movement gave origin to the first colonial cities of Mexico.
Today these colonial cities are rich in history and culture, which are divided between tradition and modernity creating magical destinations, such as: Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Queretaro, Morelia and Taxco.
Guanajuato, a charming city characterized by its cobbled streets, a magical downtown and tree-lined squares where you will find outdoor cafes, museums, theaters, markets and historical monuments as well as being the birthplace of the famous painter Diego Rivera.
San Miguel de Allende, it’s a unique city that creates a balance between a classical city and a cosmopolitan place at the same time, with its traditional cobbled streets and its finest architectural details, where you can find a lot of museums and art galleries and also the famous Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel.
Queretaro it’s a colonial city that has kept the architectural features on its historical center surrounded by charming colonial buildings, wide walkways and picturesque squares. At Quererato you can find too a large number of historical monuments, monasteries and churches where you can learn more about the life style of the colonial era.
Morelia, it’s a colonial gem distinguished by its pink stone buildings and now famous for its cinematic attractions and its exquisite cuisine, also museums and the famous church San Juan Parangaricutiro surrounded by volcanic rock of the Paricutin volcano and also the Patzcuaro lake.
Taxco is a small town located between hills and mountains. This city in the past served as one of the main mining centers of the country thanks to its silver mines. For these reasons, today you can find a variety of silver jewelry made locally.

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